Kacem Zoughari

Kacem Zoughari began the study of the nine ryu-ha of the Bujinkan in 1986. He undertook to make his first trip to Japan in 1989-1990. There he will make the acquaintance of Tetsuji Ishizuka who will take him as a student. He will discover with him a new dimension of art that will push him later to stop his studies of electronics to engage in the study of Japanese in order to initially share with his master.

In 2008, he received a doctorate in Japanese language, history and literature at INALCO. In 2011, he was invited as a researcher at Kyoto University, the Nichibunken, where his area of research is the history of the techniques of conventional combat and military strategies and was eventually incorporate the Nihon Budo Gakkai. In the meantime he wrote more than 25 articles for several magazines around the world as traditional Martial Arts of Asia, Karate-Bushido, or Martial Arts & Sports Magazine. He published also several books including the famous “Ninpo, Ninjutsu: L’ombre de la lumière” in 2003 or even “The Ninja” in 2009. He gived also numerous lectures in several universities such as Osaka, Cambridge, Georgetown, Montreal and Wellington on the history of the ninjutsu of the schools of classical combat.

Ishizuka Tetsuji


Kacem Zoughari lives since 5 years in Japan. He always says he is a student and continues to learn of his master Ishizuka Tetsuji. He learned also from Hatsumi Masaaki with whom he exchanged on the history of ninjutsu, traditional combat schools, methods of transmissions, the bio mechanics, etc… Combining his practice of the art and research in history, etymology  and phenomenology.

In parallel, Kacem continues to share experience and knowledge that has been given to him by its teachers and provides courses and seminars throughout the world.


Ninpo: Ninjutsu, L’ombre de la lumière

The Ninja: Ancient Shadow Warriors of Japan